about us

This About Us starts with “WE at Drift” because Drift isn’t just the “I” that owns this lovely little grass floored, relaxed and comforting beach store.

It’s the team we have working here to make everyone that comes in the door feel like a friend, and it’s the Drifters that ease on in to make Drift what it is today.  The happy chatter between friends that run into each other or the uplifting compliments or comments that are thrown around by total strangers to each other.

There are funny stories, personal challenges, milestones and just general chatter that carries on all through the day.  This brings laughter and sometimes tears.  The empathy that strangers show each other here daily blows us away.

This along with our OLD FASHIONED CUSTOMER SERVICE make us very unique in this day and age. Whether you see my children who will and are totally capable of assisting you, my Mum, who is the most adorable and loved person in the whole community, one of our tight knit team or myself, we can guarantee you if you step into Drift, you will remember us.

OUR mission here is to make everyone feel special and totally at home.

No matter if your 5 years old and looking for a special gift for your friend, a dude looking for that something unique for your significant other, a teen looking for that perfect swimsuit, a lady looking for yourself, or a Grandma looking for something that makes you feel great and look like you feel, not how old you are, DRIFT is where you should be.

I, Sharyn, started this business in 2013, to have a sea change from Brissy and show my very young children then that there is more to life than the bump n grind of a 9-5 job and that you can follow a dream and if you work hard, it can become a reality.

Then in early 2020, after much deliberation and customer requests on extending my gift range I decided to open Drift Gifts with home wares and gift lines suitable for everyone. 

It’s very true that no matter how old you are, you will never go a day without learning something.

I must admit there are days that I say, “I’m ok if I don’t I learn something today,” BUT that usually isn’t the case, there’s always more to learn.

I feel if I am in control of every facet of Drift and keep my finger on the pulse, then I will forever keep that fun family feel WE have here.


Drift’s number 1, is Gaga.  My Mum.  For those that have visited us here, you will be sure to know her.  She works here more than she doesn’t because she loves it so much. It keeps her in touch with people, the community and keeps her busy.


There are people and children alike that visit here just to see Mum.  They come in for a chat or a cuddle or a sharing of something that has happened to them, good or bad, sometimes they even come in for her honest feedback when looking for that special something.  She is the hand sewing queen and Gaga handknits ALL of Drifts beanies, scarves and most shawls and wraps for Drift.  GARKNITS is her little label and she starts knitting in September for the following Winter.


My daughter Shae, I am super excited to have with us full time now doing a 2 year management traineeship.  Shae aims to open her own unique and special cafe using her amazing Barista skills incorporating her natural and healthy vibe.  Shae is involved totally in the purchasing, the website, marketing ideas, all social media and making the gift side of things looking awesome in general.  I'm sincerely hoping she can actually teach me some things on the figures side of things.  Shae is our resident photographer also.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  We can expect some exciting new improvements with Shae on board.

The gorgeous Jenny.  Where do I start? Jenny has moved from Sydney back in 2021.  Jen is a Musician at heart.  A keyboard, vocalist and song writer.  Jen has a huge place in my and Mums heart as her passion was my Dads passion.  Jen is chatty, happy and very centred in life. And I am blessed to have her as part of our team.

Linda.  Vervacious, lively and hilarious.  Whoever sent Linda to us, I thank you.  Linda is a baker at heart after years of her own bakeries and now taking on the more chilled life has found Drift to be her balance. ANYTHING you want or need, Linda is there for you.  Honesty is one of here strong virtues and most times it works in her favour :)  i love her to pieces and would anything for her.  I know you will all love her too.

Then we have Ruby.  Ruby came to me when she was only 13 in the middle of Covid when I was running both shops on my own and said she could see I was busy and that she would like to help me for no pay so I wouldn't be as stressed.  I nearly cried.  I didn't take her up on the offer but as soon things started back sort of normal,  she was the first I called on to join our team.  Ruby has been with us for a couple of years now and is amazing.  She's super sweet and loves helping people out. And she smiles ALL of the time.

My little cherub, Jasper.  Jas is the behind the scenes man.  Doing rubbish runs, getting refreshments, filling in at the registers if we have to pop out quickly, Jas throws a lot of thought into our promotions and keeps things light and always is there to make us laugh.  Without him life would be no fun at all.

Last but not least, there is my amazingly talented and wonderful husband, Don, who without I don’t think I’d even be here, but the place certainly would look a lot different, he is my carpenter, my IT man, my donkey on sales trips and my ROCK.  Don is a Tunnel Engineer   9-5 who loves the variation of retail on his days off 😊  I’m sure.  He doesn’t say that, but we all know he does.

Then of course there is ME, Sharyn.   I put my heart and soul into my two little  places of mine and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to keep it fresh, fun and a great place to visit.

Being the small business that we are, it’s all about making things easy for everyone, that’s my customers, team and myself.  So, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or call if there is anything we can help with, facetiming a shop or sending images, we can help is any way and happy to send a parcel to you. 

Lastly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me your time to visit us at Drift Clothing and Gifts online, and I hope we will see you again and again.

But, remember, when in town, please drop in and see us.